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Why Men Are Easier To Lose Weight?

weight loss plan for men

Do you know that there is no specific weight loss plan for men and the experience is different for men and women? Although they try the same so-called diet plan, women have a more difficult time losing weight than men do. Totally UNFAIR.

Learn why in this blog post!

Reasons Men are Easy to Lose Weight

Men are often erroneously thought of as being more resistant to weight loss than women. However, there are a few reasons why men are easier to lose weight than women.

The first reason is that men have less muscle mass than women do. This means that when the scale registers a loss for men, it is more likely that the reduction in weight is due to fat rather than muscle.

Muscle is metabolically active and helps burn calories, so a reduction in muscle can lead to a weight gain over time. Additionally, men generally have more visceral (belly) fat than women do which is more harmful and difficult to lose.

Lastly, testosterone plays a role in obesity and weight gain, so men who are struggling with their weight may be more inclined to reach out for supplements or other weight-loss strategies that target testosterone instead of addressing the root causes of their problem.

Differences between the Body Types

There are a few important differences between the body types of men and women when it comes to weight loss. Here are three reasons why men are easier to lose weight than women:

  1. Men have more stubborn fat stores. Women store more visceral (belly) fat, but men also store more subcutaneous (underneath the skin) fat. Therefore, it is harder for women to lose weight overall because it takes a lot of hard work and dieting to get rid of all the fat stores. However, men are much easier to lose weight overall because they typically have less fat to start with.
  2. Men tend to be more physically active than women. This means that men burn more calories throughout the day even if they don’t have any visible muscle mass. This can help them lose weight faster because they are consuming fewer calories than women who are not as physically active.
  3. Men have a higher threshold for hunger than women do. Women generally become very hungry after eating a small amount of food, but men rarely experience this level of hunger. This means that men are typically better equipped to stick to a healthy diet and lose weight overall.

General Tips of Losing Weight

Men are generally thought to be harder to lose weight than women, but there are some general tips that work for everyone.

One of the most important things is to cut down on the number of calories you intake. If you’re eating enough, burning off the calories won’t be hard, but it will be more difficult if your diet consists mostly of junk food or processed foods.

Another important thing is to get plenty of exercise. Even a small amount of exercise can help add up over time and help you lose weight.

Is there a Weight loss plan for men?

There really is no single weight loss plan that is best for men, as the different biology and metabolism of men and women can make weight loss a challenge.

However, some general tips that can help any man lose weight include reducing portion sizes, watching your calorie intake, and increasing exercise. Working out with a trainer can help men not only burn calories but also get a better workout.


Contrary to popular belief, it is actually men who are more likely to struggle with weight management. There are a few key factors at play here: Men typically have more muscle mass than women does, which means that they carry more weight on their skeletons.

Men’s hormone levels tend to be different from women’s in many ways. This can impact the way that men burn calories and how easily they gain or lose weight.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why it might be harder for male obesity to disappear on its own accord. However, by following the advice in this article, you can start to make some important strides forward in your weight loss journey.

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